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Film: Elliot

This bunny was made for a short film about a boy exploring the forest. The puppet was only about 3.5 inches and had a foam build-up body and a foam casted head. He was completely needle felted with vacuuformed eyes that were back-painted black for a glossy look

Responsible for all fabrication

Drawn by the director, responsible for mechanical

After carving his body out of foam, I had to tackle his head. His head required a two-part silicone mold with a small armature inside.

Here I am, casting a head. After fitting the armature in and making sure it was lined up, I spread out the foam in the mold before pouring a bit in to ensure the foam completely fills the mold

Here I am felting the head of the puppet. I had only felted a few things before this puppet but I had such a fun experience. This was really interesting because I had never tried to blend colors like I did on this puppet.

Here were some early tests of the puppet. Our animator used these to test the motion of the puppets. While working with her, I was able to re-asses the armature and ports to better accommodate her and the animation. 

On the left is a picture of the foam pieces I glued onto the wire using barge. From there I carved the body down with cuticle scissors.

Finally, the puppet in the film!

Responsible for bunny fabrication and aid in set dressing

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