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Mold Making

Mrs. Mantis Molding process

Film: Symbiotic

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This puppet was split into 4 parts for molding. This was the front part of her body. that was a more traditional body mold made from water-based clay. 

This mold was relatively standard to other biped/human character molds.  The only thing that posed a unique challenge was her strange knees. They had to be unbent enough to create a semi-flat plane, yet maintain her shape.

The other two plaster molds for this puppet were her hind legs. They were molded individually in these little rectangular molds.

All the molds together with their painted-in silicone and armatures

Bunny head mold

Film: Elliot

This is a two-part silicone mold meant for a foam rabbit head. 

I made a clay-up of one-half with jolly-king and included registration points (the bras tubes). 

The mold needed a small armature for a place for the animator to grab along with connection points for the ears and neck

Two part head mold

Personal project

This was my first ever two-part silicone mold. It was made to inject urethane plastic into for a basic face mask component. In the clay-up, I included a syringe top to serve as a port for the syringe when injecting. 

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