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Mini Little sister

Film: Hideout #47

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This puppet is a miniature for a young girl in a senior thesis film Hideout #47. I worked closely with the director and original puppet fabricator to replicate the puppet properly. 

She is about 5 inches tall and has a foam-carved body with apoxy-sculpted hands and a plastic head.

Responsible for body fabrication

Here is the original turnaround of the puppet drawn by the director of the film.

Because the puppet was so small, she didn't require a mold. I first made an armature out of twisted 1/16th armature wire. I then used barge cement to glue pieces of upholstry foam onto the wire. I then slowly carved the body down using cuticle scissors.

Once the body was completely carved, I made her costume using the original fabric for the larger puppet. Many of the details were simplified for the mini puppet. 

Finally, I sculpted her replacement hands out of apoxy. She needed a few swap-out hands that connected with brass tubes to her arms. 

Lastly, I dipped her feet into balloon rubber to replicate her rubber boots.

Here is the puppet in her wide shot.

Responsible only for body fabrication

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